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"Don't Look, See" was the entreaty that dune shack resident Alan P. wrote in the C-Scape journal, in 2002. It has become a mantra of the Dune Tramp since his first visit there in 2006. This image, captured on The Great Beach during a hike alongside the Peaked Hill Bars, speaks to this sharpened power of observation.
So, what do YOU see???

    Do you have any experiences to share about a memorable vacation in Eastham (Paradise 02642) or a visit to one of the dune shacks on the outer Cape?
    Did you ever meet Ralph Chase, Phil Schwind, Fred Jewell, Norman Mailer or Harold Durand (Jimmy) White?
    Ever stay at Whispering Pines Village
or the Pilgrim Spring ("Beige") Motel, or witness a bombing of the "Target Ship", the liberty ship SS James Longstreet?
    And what about that ephemera in your junk drawer...that copy of Harry Kemp's "Tideways" or a shingle from Henry Beston's Fo'castle, his "outermost house"?
"i am in the dunes...
the dunes are in me"

Have you, too, opened the doors of your veins to the pageant of nature?
Tell me about it!
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